Friday, December 10, 2010

Leveraging online video and social media with Coincident TV

By Winter Mead, Product Marketing Director

Coincident TV just launched an interactive video channel for IgoUgo, the social travel site created by Travelocity. This experience is a 10 city, 50 video interactive travel guide that allows users to engage with video hosted by YouTube on IgoUgo, while connecting to Facebook and Twitter at the same time they book travel.

There is important in two BIG ways:

1) The application delivered to IgoUgo is a real solution. It leverages Travelocity and Youtube video in a local search context. This technique can be applied for anyone looking to use video to sell via contexualized videos. Before Coincident TV, neither IgoUgo nor Travelocity had a video solution.

2) Coincident TV provides a cohesive platform that lets Travelocity use YouTube as the Content Delivery Network, Facebook as a social viewing portal, and Twitter as the viral live promotion arm. In essence, this creates rich content from borrowed sources, enabled by Coincident TV.

Navigate to the IgoUgo application for New York and click Play Video.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Live Streaming Video Annotations with Fox Sports North

By Winter Mead, Product Marketing Director

Coincident TV (CTV) launches its latest feature – video annotations – with Fox Sports North (FSN).

A video annotation is just like a regular annotation but with one difference – instead of displaying a still image or SWF, it displays a video stream as its content. In FSN's Hockey Prep Zone experience, Akamai, a leading content delivery network, streams live hockey games into the CTV player every Thursday night. For the rest of the week, the Akamai streams can be replayed if desired by revisiting the experience.

When the Hockey Prep Zone launches, all videos are initially muted. Mousing over an annotation plays the audio for the selected annotation. Click on a video annotation to watch an individual game and chat live with other video viewers. The chat room is sponsored by Arby's. Yum.

FSN’s Hockey Prep Zone is a creative collaboration between Coincident TV and Fox Sports North. The platform uses Coincident TV Cue Point Technology to integrate video annotations and web services.