Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Value of the Coincident TV Software Suite

By Winter Mead, Product Marketing Director

Most people these days hear about the world of online video exploding. For example, Comscore measured 178 million U.S. Internet viewers in July 2010 watching an average of 14.7 hours of online video per viewer. The sheer quantity of videos viewed on the web has risen from 9.2 billion in September 2007 to near 34 billion today. And while the video explosion is undeniable, the more important focus is how content creators can monetize this recent phenomenon.

This is where Coincident TV comes in. Coincident offers software to create interactive video -- defined as the merging of online video, social media, weblinks and commercial transactions in one immersive experience. Wait, the merging of what you ask?!

Well, it's simple. You can take online streaming video, put images over the video, and link these images to all web pages and other online videos anywhere on the Internet! That means linking to video streaming from YouTube, Brightcove, Akamai, Facebook, Blip.tv, Limelight, and more, or linking to any web page that has a live URL, including social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Coincident TV program is built with the Coincident TV software suite, which consists of an Editor, Player, and Analytics portal.

The Editor is a browser-based application designed as an assets assembler; that is, the video, images, and other assets are built using other products but they are assembled in the Editor as an interactive video experience. After video is imported into the Editor, the content creator can overlay images onto the video. These overlays can be set to navigate to other parts of imported video, link to other videos saved as CTV files, or link to other web pages.

The Player is web-based and plays in a browser. The Player plays files saved in the Editor that are known as CTV files, i.e., files with a .ctv extension. The most important feature of the Player is the Picture-in-Picture functionality that allows the viewer/user of the video to never leave the video while browsing the web. The video is always the top layer in the browser, ensuring that a video experience stays a video experience while opening up new opportunities for contextualized web-browsing and e-commerce.

The Analytics portal allows the content creator to measure the effectiveness of the interactive project -- seeing who clicks on what and when. All actions within the Player are measured on Coincident TV log servers. Analytic reports includes count information such as total and unique clicks, videos, and session data, and also in-depth information on clicks inside the video, Picture-in-Picture layout, and breakdown of CTV file navigation.

Together these three parts of the software suite offer a unique way of browsing the web through a video experience, and a new way of monetizing and increasing the value of a project's video, graphic, and web assets.

Welcome to the world of the video web, where Coincident TV offers a simplified way to create your valuable interactive video experiences!

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